Microwave Safe Resin Cleaning Product

710-Cleaner™ is designed and patented to clean just about any surface on contact when heated. No soaking, scrubbing or waiting for a clean devise or ash tray.

  • 60 Seconds Microwave Safe
  • Kitchen and Countertop Safe
  • Quick, Easy, Safe and Fresh
  • Conditions Glass
  • Super Fast Bubbling Action
  • Eco Friendly
  • Sanitize, Sterilize and Deodorize

See It In Action!From dirty to clean

Our Patented Formula is Guaranteed to Work

Use 710-Cleaner™ once or twice in the microwave to provide you with a safe, fast, affordable and easy solution. Perfect for daily use. Fresh clean glass or equipment every time or your money back!

Large tubes no problem – use a standard ceramic coffee cup. Pour 2-4 ounces of 710-Cleaner™ in the cup and microwave the cup & liquid for 60 seconds inside most microwaves. Remove the ceramic cup and pour the hot liquid down the tube. Add Hot Water down the tube and shake the two together then rinse. For heavy build up repeat. Your piece will be store clean and ready for you to enjoy; fresh clean taste every time.

Our goal has always been to raise the level of quality you demand.

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